Tactical Search & Recruitment knows talent acquisition.

We understand that there are two equal elements that must be utilized to be successful; strategy and tactics. The strategy is devised by the principles that identify the desired outcome, but the tactics are the maneuvers which make it possible.

Through networking and collecting pertinent information on the key players in your industry we are able to introduce you to those who have the experience doing what you are setting out to accomplish. Acquiring the right people will allow you accelerate your results and minimize the risk that is necessary to achieve objectives.

By sharing with us your dream and ambition, you deploy an advantage that your competition does not have. You access information and individuals who have been taking important developmental steps in their career to move toward a partnership with your company so that a team can be created that is brilliant in balance and results.

This is the advantage that select companies need to win the edge in a competitive market. The advantage your company has is strategic. Now give it the tactical advantage required to transcend the limits of mediocre talent. Give your company what it deserves, the realization of a worthy ideal.

Identify, Acquire, Deploy

Tactical Search & Recruitment Team

Jim Finucan

Jim Finucan

Jim has over twenty years in executive search and placement. With a large international search firm he won awards such as Pacesetter, Midwest Region Top Biller, Recruiter of the Month, Recruiters of the Year, and Excellence in Sales. Jim is a Certified Senior Account Manager.

Jim has authored three books with another one on its way. His latest book, Interview Strategy; The Next Move is Yours has helped hundreds of people prepare for executive level interviews, find it on Amazon.

Jim leads a family team toward achievement in a positive, fun environment where everyone is expected to perform their best for the benefits of client and candidates. Call Jim today to see how a relationship with an executive recruiter can open the door to untold possibilities.

Connor Finucan: Project Recruiter

Connor Finucan

As the Director of Internet Recruiting, Connor reaches out to top talent in the banking industry using a variety of online tools. Working alongside the executive recruiter, he is able to introduce candidates to opportunities that correlate with their goals in life. While working at TSR, Connor has assisted bankers all over the Midwest in advancing their careers. He is soon to graduate from North Central Technical College with an associate degree in marketing. In his free time, Connor enjoys playing the drums, walking his dog, and taking frequent retreats to their family's cottage up north.

Leah Finucan: Project Recruiter

Leah Finucan

Leah Finucan is a project recruiter for TSR. Working in the family business has provided her with personalized training in recruiting, which she uses to pinpoint the needs of her candidates. By keeping up with openings at commercial and community banks throughout the Midwest, Leah is able to put options in front of job seekers that can only be found through the use of a recruiter. She is currently enrolled in the Business Administration program at UWMC, and has five years of experience in sales and marketing. She loves animals and the outdoors, and believes the phrase 'top drawer' should make a comeback.

Kyle Finucan: Project Recruiter

Kyle Finucan

As a project recruiter for TSR, Kyle’s focus is on the needs of the candidates. By using a series of questions developed by our office, Kyle is able to hone in on what drives each individual, and then matches them up to opportunities that are tailored to the career aspects they find most important. Whether your idea of advancement is a move forward financially, obtaining a management role, or shortening your commute to work, Kyle will enthusiastically work towards helping you achieve these goals. In his free time, Kyle enjoys anything that involves being active outdoors whether it's snowboarding at Granite Peak, hiking Wisconsin's Ice Age Trail, or water skiing at the family cottage up north.