3 Reasons You Should be Continuously Interviewing

We fool ourselves when we assume that we are indispensible in our business environments. It is human nature to over- inflate our own importance and our impact on the business world around us. Sometimes this can make us complacent. In this competitive world we must be realistic and open to advancements. There is no safe job and nothing ever stands still. The only real security is to perform our skills exceeding well. If this is true, we are limited in the height of our career trajection by the exposure of people we surround ourselves with. To be secure, we should always be looking to expand our business world.

Here are three reasons why it is vital to be continuously interviewing.

1. We build our own template for what a good opportunity looks like and feels like. Sometimes, we think we know what opportunity looks like, but think of a skill that is developed without practice. I can't think of one either. Think about how many job offers you have had. Is it so many that you are an expert and fielding them? Interviewing with top leaders in your space will gain you exposure to some of the brightest minds shaping your industry. Building your template takes years of notes, panel interviews, research and networking. We should all get busy.

2. We feel more confident and knowledgeable in our current role, as we established a network of possibilities and are always looking at our next career option as though it can come from other angles and locations, not just your current employer. This is liberating.

3. Interviewing will improve our business communication skills as we sell our skills and counter interview leaders in our industry space who got to the top by being able to recognize talent. We learn what questions to prepare for, what questions we should ask and how to develop a conversation into an offer of employment. This skill will ensure a bright future more than any other skill we develp this year.

So, what this means is you must have a black belt in the art of interviewing. My next book Interview Strategy The Next Move Is Yours is writen to add verbal skills of interview theory to the candidate in motion. Unleash the power and experience of a career of interview examination from a master in the art of recruitment, me, Jim Finucan. Interview Strategy is currently available via Amazon (https://goo.gl/3z9W2y)

To Your Success,
Jim Finucan