At TSR, we pride ourselves on being able to present our candidates with the best options in the industry.

As a recruiter I am paid by my clients - the organizations that are looking to hire new talent. I have been contracted to work with them to hire the best people in the market for any number of incredible opportunities. My goal is to create a long term relationship with people to help them hire the best person for the job.

What I do: I create a match with your skills and goals to an opportunity in the market. I have actively worked in the banking industry for fifteen years as an executive recruiter. I use my listening and decision framing skills to help people make life changing decisions.

I ask you tough questions when we look at an opportunity. Questions like -

What do you want to do in your next career move?

Why are we looking at an opportunity now?

What is your next salary goal? What do you want to make?

By looking at your future together, we will find options that you can explore.

After your interview with a prospective employer, I might ask:

Do you want the job?

What is your walk away number?

What are your concerns?

How does your spouse feel about this?

Is this a move forward in your career?

Five years from now, will this path get you where you want?

As a recruiter I might challenge your thinking, I hope I do. If you don’t say to me - “That’s a good question” a few times during our talks, I need to search harder for something we are not addressing.

I believe human potential is one of the most incredible forces in this world and we all have rivers of it within us. We find it by taking on challenges and stretching our strengths. I am honored to be able to work with you. Please send me your resume and call me to introduce yourself. As a recruiter, my goal is to help you find the position you want.


Jim Finucan