Tactical Search & Recruitment was established in 2007 as a family business with one objective:

We understand that well trained and dedicated employees are the only sustainable source of competitive strength, and an idea can turn to dust or magic depending upon the talent that rubs against it.

Our recruiters take this seriously and are always prepared for a day with a plan and a goal. Goals equal success in the search industry. With skilled communication and a strong work ethic, we are able to bring to our clients the cutting edge of talented impact players in the industry and make them aware of opportunities in your organization.

If a strong candidate’s goals match the opportunity at your company, we are able to give voice to your dream and present it to that candidate who can take the responsibility and transform it into its potential outcome.

We do this by monitoring our phone time on a daily basis and setting goals of weekly conversations and presentations with candidates and clients. We are improving our skills continuously through training with required attendance at seminars and through ongoing training programs of webinars and in- house skills advancement programs that constantly develop our staff.

We believe and operate under the principle that time management is crucial to obtaining objectives.

TSR focuses on results in every project we undertake; and by beginning with the end in mind, we are able to listen to your need, challenge your thinking as a consultant should, and connect you with our network of candidates that can change the future of your organization and help you maintain the lead that is so critical in business.

At TSR we get it. The results you are looking for are too important to neglect. We will overcome any obstacle; solve any problem to help you reach your personnel goal. We get what we want, by helping you get who you want.

You don’t need three recruiters to help you find the skill sets you need, you just need to deploy Tactical Search and Recruitment and let a team handle the search TSR has two decades of recruitment experience in your industry and space.

Allow us the opportunity to hear your vision, let us design a solution and deliver the results.

Contact Jim Finucan CEO at 888-664-9090, or click here.